Exeter TV

Town of Exeter New Hampshire Official Website

Exeter has three local television stations for those that receive service from Comcast. 

Channel 13 - SAU16 Regional Education Channel

Channel 22 - Exeter Town Government

Channel 98 - Exeter Public Access

Each channel has unique programming.  The SAU16 channel operates out of Exeter High School.  Doug York is the coordinator of the education channel.  Programming includes school board meetings, Exeter High School sports, interview shows, and other educational programming from around the SAU. 

The Exeter Town Government channel originates out of the municipal offices at 10 Front Street, Exeter.  The channel broadcasts government meetings, both live and recorded.  Committees covered by channel 22 include the Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, Zoning Board of Adjustment, Conservation Commission, Water/Sewer Advisory Committee, Historic District Commission, and Library Trustees.  Not all meetings are televised.  Check channel 22 for listings of upcoming meetings as well as the Town website for frequent updates.

All meetings that are broadcast on channel 22 are also streamed live on www.townhallstreams.com.