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Exeter's cable access channels provide important benefits to the town and region as a whole. The stations allow the public to have a television source that informs them on local events. It provides a forum for the exchange of information that is specific to Exeter and dedicated to public use. The existence of Local Access TV also encourages the creation of new programing that the public would otherwise be deprived of under traditional commercial channels. These programs can be seen on three distinct channels.

The three channels are to separate out the three distinct kinds of programming: Community Access, which is non-government sponsored, community programming, Government, which is Town of Exeter specific programming and represents town government, and Education programming, which covers local schools and SAU16 events, activities, programming, and school board meetings.


Channel 22 broadcast schedule is available here.  

Town of Exeter local government programming is seen on EXTV-G, Comcast Channel 22. This includes all Town committees who broadcast meetings: Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, Zoning Board of Adjustment, Library Trustees (tape delay), Water & Sewer Advisory Committee, Conservation Commission, Historic District Commission, and others. Town Meetings including deliberative sessions are also broadcast on channel 22.

This channel is exclusive to Exeter Comcast subscribers only. Subscribers to other TV services cannot receive channels 13, 22, or 98.

All meetings that are broadcast live on EXTV-G (the government channel) are also streamed live on the Internet, To watch a meeting simply go to www.townhallstreams.com and look for "Exeter New Hampshire" on the list of communities streaming their meetings through this growing service.  Exeter government meetings are also available on demand at Town Hall Streams for viewing up to one year after the meeting date.

Not all town government committees are broadcast or streamed, and occasionally there are technical difficulties which will preclude live broadcast of a meeting.  Government meetings are broadcast utilizing local youth attending Exeter and surrounding schools who are paid a nominal amount.  


The Education Channel in Exeter is Channel 13. The channel is operated by SAU16. Education programming and Exeter High School sports are featured on the channel. Channel 13 is currently seen in all the SAU16 Towns which includes Brentwood, Stratham, East Kingston, Kensington, and Newfields.  Doug York coordinates Channel 13 and may be reached at  dyork [at] sau16 [dot] org.


Public Access television in Exeter is seen on Channel 98. It is a venue for broadcasting local programming. Exeter-sponsored organizations can put their events and meeting information on channel 98's bulletin board (subject to rules and regulations of Access 98). A full set of guidelines for producing programming for channel 98 and submitting material for the Access 98 bulletin board is on this website.   

Fifty percent of the franchise fees received through the Town of Exeter cable television contract with Comcast pay for Exeter costs associated with channels 13 (Exeter), 22, and 98.


Contact extvg [at] exeternh [dot] gov.


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