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ExeterTV is comprised of three channels: EXTV-G, Channel 22 which airs local government programming, ExeterTV98 which airs local public access media along with our community bulletin board, and SAU16, Channel 13 which covers events and activities related to local schools and broadcast school board meetings. 

ExeterTV provide important benefits to the Town of Exeter and the surrounding community, allowing the public to have a television source informing them of local events, government news and public media. It provides a forum for the exchange of specific information about the Town of Exeter dedicated to public use and encourages the creation of new programming that the public would otherwise be deprived of under traditional commercial TV channels. 

Channels 22 and 98 are only available to Comcast subscribers within the Town of Exeter, NH and Channel 13 is viewable to all Comcast subscribers within the SAU 16 school system including Exeter, Brentwood, Stratham, East Kingston, Kensington, and Newfields.

EXTV-G, Channel 22

EXTV-G, Channel 22 is Exeter's local government television, dedicated to keeping the citizens of Exeter informed about their local government. Exeter broadcasts live from the Nowak room at the Exeter Town Offices located at 10 Front St, or records meetings held off-site for later viewing. The Exeter Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, Zoning Board of Adjustment, Library Trustees, Water & Sewer Advisory Committee, Conservation Commission and Historic District Commission, along with public input sessions and deliberative sessions are featured on EXTV-G, Channel 22. 

All meetings that are broadcast live on EXTV-G, Channel 22 are also streamed live on the Internet. To watch a meeting, go to TownHallStreams.com and search Exeter, New Hampshire on the drop down menu on the main page. Meetings are guaranteed to be available for up to one year for viewing, but are often kept online for much longer. 

EXTV-G, Channel 22 is run by a small team of government camera operators. Not all town government committees are broadcast or streamed, and occasionally there are technical difficulties which will preclude live broadcast of a meeting.  To report an outage during a meeting, please call 603-418-6425. EXTV-G, Channel 22 can also be contacted by email at extvg [at] exeternh [dot] gov

The schedule for EXTV, Channel 22 can be found here.

SAU16TV, Channel 13

All school-related programming including EHS sports, student-made video productions, school board meetings and school deliberative sessions can be found on Comcast Channel 13. This channel is operated by Doug York out of the ExeterTV studio at Exeter High School. Channel 13 is currently seen in all towns that are a part of SAU 16 which includes Exeter, Brentwood, Stratham, East Kingston, Kensington, and Newfields. Doug York may be reached at dyork [at] sau16 [dot] org.


​ExeterTV98 is Exeter's public access television and can be viewed on Comcast channel 98 for Exeter residents. ExeterTV98 is a venue for local public access media including our community bulletin board for organizations and events that serve the Exeter area, programming made by local citizens and coverage of local events such as the annual Powderkeg Beer and Chili Festival and the annual Exeter UFO Festival, lectures at the Water Street Bookstore, coverage of local concerts such as the Exeter Brass Band and classes and lectures hosted by local businesses.

Interested in filming your own television show? For more information, please contact us at extvg [at] exeternh [dot] gov. We have equipment and training free for Exeter citizens and would love to help you create your own content to share with the Town of Exeter, NH. 

To see some of our latest videos, please check out our Youtube page!


ExeterTV receives funding support from franchise fees collected by Exeter Comcast subscribers. Fifty percent of the franchise fees received through the cable television contract with Comcast go to the General Fund while the other half pay for costs associated with ExeterTV. This contract is negotiated by the Exeter Cable Advisory Committee.


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