Downeaster Train Station, Lincoln Street

Getting Around

Exeter's location on the Seacoast has created a unique opportunity in transportation for the town and the surrounding communities.  You can get to and from Exeter by train, taxi and bus.

Exeter's position between Boston, Manchester, and Portland make it an excellent place for a day trip to come see the historic and well preserved buildings and landscape of the town. It's also easy to travel into the city from Exeter and visit local museums, shop, or just meet up with friends.  Take a walk down to Stewart Park off the downtown and see the PEA boathouse, with views of the Exeter River and Swasey Parkway.  Exeter also features a number of unique businesses in the Water Street downtown business area including jewelers, a bookstore, frozen yogurt, children's toys and clothing, chocolatier, and several eating establishments.

During the spring and summer months, Exeter hosts a Farmer's Market on Swasey Parkway on Thursday afternoons from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m.. Exeter also hosts a number of special events throughout the year found on our annual events page.

Exeter also has access to bus and taxi services that make it simple for people to get around town without having a car.

Taxis and Buses

Exeter is served primarily by two private transportation companies, Academy Taxi, and Caren's Caravan.  You may visit their websites for more details.  COAST bus routes run through Exeter on COAST route 7.  This is a discounted transportation program with several Exeter stops.  See the COAST website for details.

Amtrak Downeaster Service to Exeter

Exeter has one of the busiest train stops in New Hampshire - the Downeaster.  The Downeaster is a great way to get to and from Town to places like North Station in Boston, and Freeport, Maine on the northern end.  A trip on the Downeaster to Boston is quicker than taking the MBTA from Newburyport!  Downeaster tickets are sold on their website and also at the Quik Trak machine located at Gerry's Variety/Trackside Cafe, Lincoln Street, Exeter.


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