November 24-30, 2013

NOVEMBER 24, 2013


1144   Business Alarm on Portsmouth Avenue , unfounded

1157   Hazardous road condition Kingston Rd, Debri

1202   Motor Vehicle Accident on Elm Street

1307   Assist Rescue on Water Street

1335   Assist Rescue on Court Street

1351   Assist Fire Department on Garfield Street

1401   Hazardous road condition on Portsmouth Avenue, Debri

1411   Conduct Welfare Check on Front Street

1549   Burglary Alarm on Pine Street, unfounded.

1553   Hazardous road condition on Newfields Road, Debri

1644   Business Alarm on Water Street, unfounded

1730   Assist Rescue on Sumac Street

1742   Building Check on Portsmouth Avenue

1759   Hazardous road condition on High Street, Debri

2029   Report of Reckless Driving on Newfields Road

2037   Assist Rescue on Portsmouth Avenue

2207   Assist Rescue on Linden Street


NOVEMBER 25, 2013


0008   Assist Fire Department on Nathaniel Way

0401   Vehicle Check on Epping Road

0421   Foot Patrol on Water Street

0816   Building Alarm on Sloans Brook, unfounded

0944   Assist Citizen at Complex

1018   Assist Rescue on High Street

1056   Animal at Large on Clifford Street

1113   Burglary Alarm on Stoneridge Lane ,unfounded

1144   Alarm at Pine Street , unfounded

1152   Assist other Agency on Hampton Road

1158   Assist Rescue on Canterbury Drive

1305   Animal at Large on Oak Street

1317   VIN Verification on Nottingham Drive

1336   Animal at Large on Beech Hill Road

1349   Assist other Agency on Sand Stone Way

1439   Assist Citizen at Complex with Fingerprints

1726   Animal at Large on Main Street

1854   Disabled Motor Vehicle on Route 101

1934   Vehicle Check on Linden Street

2030   Assist Rescue on Main Street

2122   Assist Rescue on Route 101

2145   Assist Other Agency on Portsmouth Avenue


NOVEMBER 26, 2013


0330   Initiate Foot Patrol on Water Street

0805   Motor Vehicle Accident on Holland Way

0807   Motor Vehicle Accident on Water Street

0815   Motor Vehicle Accident on Main Street

0854   Motor Vehicle Accident on Holland Way

1015   Assist Rescue on Hilton Avenue

1041   Assist Fire Department at Riverwoods

1047   Assist Resident on Park Street

1122   Assist Resident on Park Street

1157   Assist Fire Department on Court Street

1213   Burglary Alarm on Watson Road

1240   Thomas Virnelli, age 54 , of Exeter NH. Arrested for Criminal

           Trespass, Resisting Arrest. Bailed on $200.00 Cash

1249   Assist Citizen on Summer Street

1522   Assist Citizen with Motor Vehicle lockout on Hampton Road.

1753   Report of Reckless Operation on Newfields Road

1843   Motor Vehicle Accident on Front Street

2353   Animal Complaint on Meeting Place Drive.


NOVEMBER 27, 2013


0323   Alarm at Residence on Pine Street, Weather

0403   Alarm at Business on High Street, Weather

415     Alarm at Business on Continental Drive , unfounded

0431   Foot Patrol on Water Street

0433   Report of Road Hazard on Brentwood Road, Debri removed

0503   Business Alarm on Industrial Drive , unfounded

0847   Assist Fire Department on Jady Hill Avenue  

1035   Animal at Large on Linden Street.

1126   Assist Rescue on Westside Drive

1136   VIN Verification on Newfields Road .

1152   Jennifer Kohler , age 32, of Exeter NH . Arrested on a Bench Warrant

            Bailed on $1,000.00 PR

1857   Business Alarm on Water Street, accidental

1904   Patrick Murphy, age 32, of Exeter NH . Arrested on Simple Assault,

           Criminal Mischeif, Resisting Arrest.  Bail $5,000.00 and transported to


2312   Business Alarm on Industrial Drive, unfounded

2323   Thomas Virnelli, age 54, of Exeter NH. Arrested on Breach of Bail .

            Transported to RCHOC         


NOVEMBER 28, 2013 


0442   Foot Patrol on Water Street

0454   Open door on Water Street, secured

0714   Business Alarm on Portsmouth Avenue, unfounded

0952   Burglary Alarm on Front Street, unfounded

1415   Animal Complaint on Lincoln Street

1722   Assist other Agency on Route 101

1956   Report of Reckless Driving on Rte 101

2303   Assist Rescue on First Street


NOVEMBER 29, 2013


0139   Vehicle Check on Linden Street.

0230   Open door on Water Street

0308   Assist other Agency

0407   Assist Rescue on Union Street

0423   Open door on Water Street

0712   Assist Citizen with Motor Vehicle lockout

0851   Noise Complaint on Crawford Avenue

0919   Assist Fire Department on Leary Court

1004   Business Alarm on Hampton Road, unfounded

1126   Open door on Lincoln Street,

1150   Assist Citizen at Complex with fingerprinting

1446   Assist Citizen at Complex

1513   Motor Vehicle Accident on Portsmouth Avenue

1536   Cory Crowell, age 18 from Exeter NH was arrested for Unlawful Possession of Alcohol,                        

          Criminal Trespass, and Resisting Arrest.  Released on $750 PR bail.

1628   Motor vehicle lockout on Water Street

1720   Hazardous condition on Portsmouth Ave.

1729   Assist other agency on Rt. 101

1753   Reckless operation on Front Street

1926   Assist Rescue on Carriage Drive

2045   Town Ordinance violation on Swasey Reservation Rd.

2246   Open door on Front Street


NOVEMBER 30, 2013


0227   Noise complaint on South Street

0355   Daniel Privatera, age 26 from Exeter NH was arrested for Criminal Threatening, Second                     

     Degree Assault, Criminal Mischief, Simple Assault, Criminal Trespass, and Breach of                              

     Bail Conditions.  No bail, transported to Rock County HOC.

0829   Abandoned Motor Vehicle on Front Street

1310   Marvin Carr, age 55 from Dorchester MA was arrested for Second Degree Assault,                           

       Obstructing Report of Crime or Injury, and Possession of Controlled/Narcotic Drugs.                           

       Bail set at $5000 cash.

1706   Disabled motor vehicle on High Street

1711   Harassing phone calls on Wanda Lane

1841   Assist fire department on Court Street

1852   Alan Perreault, age 58 from Amesbury MA was arrested for Driving while Intoxicated                          

          and Transporting Alcoholic Beverages.  Released on $3000 PR bail.

2118   Vehicle check on Linden Street

2158   Assist other agency on Rt. 101

2227   Phyllis Camillo, age 52 from Rochester NH was arrested for Driving after Suspension and          

             Suspended Registration.  Released on $750 PR bail.