Waste Water Treatment Plant

The Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) is located next to the Public Works complex on the Squamscott River.  The plant was built in 1965 with major upgrades completed in 1990.  The plant is designed to treat an average flow of 3 million gallons daily and sustain a peak flow of 7.5 million gallons daily.

The WWTP is a secondary treatment plant utilizing aerated lagoons.  Wastewater is pumped from the Main Street pump station to the WWTP where wastewater flows to a grit chamber and then to the aerated lagoons.  The lagoons are open impoundments aerated with floating mechanical mixers. Lagoons are made up of earthen fill with a natural undisturbed soil bottom.  Two control locations maintain the wastewater treatment in order for the wastewater to be chemically treated, disinfeced, and dechlorinated prior to discharging into the Squamscott River.

Groups interested in tours of the Wastewater Treatment Plant can call 773-6168 for details.