River Study Committee

Image of Great Dam

The Final Version of the Great Dam Removal Study documents are now available.  See the supporting documents below.

The Exeter River Study Committee is a 12-person committee charged with providing advice to the Board of Selectmen in all matters relating to the management of the Exeter River, its tributaries, and watershed. In 2000, following a Letter of Deficiency notification that the Great Dam does not meet NHDES Dam Safety Bureau Standards, the Town and its many partners have been working to develop alternatives to address this deficiency.


Member Term Member Term
Lionel Ingram, Chair 4/2014 Vacant  
Peter Richardson, Vice Chair 4/2016 Roger Wakeman, PEA Rep. Ex-Officio
Frank Patterson 4/2016 Kristen Murphy, Natural Resource Planner Ex-Officio
Rod Bourdon 4/2014 Paul Vlasich, DPW Rep. Ex-Officio
Lionel Ingram 4/2014 Ginny Raub, Conservation Commission Rep. Ex-Officio
Richard Huber 4/2015 Don Clement, BOS Rep. Term
Dr. Mimi Larsen Becker 4/2015    

Dam Removal Feasibility Study

In 2011, a working group was established to incorporate public concerns, establish a task list and act as the liaison between the River Study Committee and the selected consultant VHB in Dam Removal Feasibility Study. The focus of this study is the evaluation of impacts on a variety of areas of public concern for dam modification or dam removal scenarios. The working group consists of the following members: Co-chairs Mimi Becker and Deb Loiselle (NHDES), Rod Bourdon, Phyllis Duffy (DPW), Eric Hutchins (NOAA), John Merkle (Heritage Comm.), Kristen Murphy (Planning), Peter Richardson, Sally Soule (NHDES), Paul Vlasich (DPW), Roger Wakeman (PEA), and the lead project consultant for VHB Peter Walker.

Study Timeline

Tasks Timeline
Field Surveys Completed- June thru October 2011
Define Alternatives Completed - Fall thru Winter 2011-2012
Preliminary Analysis of Alternatives Completed - Winter thru Spring 2012
Public Meeting Completed - May 23, 2012
Draft Feasibility Report Completed - June 2013
Public Meeting Completed - June 26, 2013
Final Feasibility Report Completed - October 2013